About us


Proviva Pharma is the mother company of two business sectors: 1) Microbiome and Probiotic Therapeutics and Services and 2) Medical Devices. Together, these axes form the Research, Development and Marketing nature of Proviva Pharma that has the ultimate goal of improving the long-term health of global citizens. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada Proviva Pharma has international collaborations in order to maximize its impact and understand the health needs of people world-wide.

Through all its actions, Proviva Pharma aims to:

  1. Develop innovative probiotic products to reduce the risk of cardiovascular, bone,metabolic disease and other diseases.
  2. Understand role of microbiome in health and diseases and focused on human health through the microbiome. And develop medical devices to enhance gastrointestinal
  3. Develop cutting-edge technologies and establish centers to battle cancer and other diseases
  4. Stimulate healthy living and promote active aging and longevity Through our research sector, we aim to push the limits of understanding health to develop and provide next-generation therapeutics that are active, effective and affordable. This leads into
    our developmental phase for producing mass-scale certified products for global distribution. Together with are international partners, we are developing and distributing cutting-edge
    medical devices, probiotics thereby rounding out the goals of Proviva Pharma.